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The Aftermath: Life After



The AfterMath: Life After is full of personal tell-all stories that will captivate you; even if you have never had a direct experience with the situations presented. There is a colorful backstory that led to each woman’s “aftermath”, facing issues related to abortion, loss, identity crisis, divorce, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, co-parenting, rape, molestation, young motherhood, and addiction. 

In life, we all go through trials and tribulations. These raw, jaw-dropping stories of perseverance and strength are sure to take you on an emotional journey. By the end, you will embrace your own strength, courage, and better understanding of not only your own personal battles but also those of other women. 

Come, enter the personal space of 10 women—Benita Spinner, Kimora Lee, Latoyia Kirton, Marcella Moore, Mechel Glass, Mishia Bee, Nakia Walters, Natanya Braswell, Shavonne Bowman, and Tatiauna Morgan—who are brave enough to boldly tell their truths and encourage you to face “The AfterMath” of your situations. Their storms no longer define them, and we pray you will be emboldened to no longer have the storms of life define you!

This book is an anthology of stories of triumph of women who have overcome traumatic obstacles in their lives. Stories of struggle and pain in the authors' own words. If you want to feel inspired, the Aftermath will have you shedding tears of joy and empowerment. You will be empowered to overcome any obstacle.

The Veteran's Money Book

The Veteran's Money Book by Mechel Glass and Scott Screedon

.Most of the 2.5 million men and women who were deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan received little education in personal finance during their service. Now these veterans are making the transition to civilian life with limited knowledge of how to manage their money. In The Veteran's Money Book, Army veteran Mechel Glass tells how she came home from war 20 years ago and took control of her financial life...and how post-9/11 veterans can, too.

Available in stores and online at Barnes & Noble.com and Amazon.com 

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